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Ask the Experts: Understanding Allergies

Q: [Teenager] I recently found out my child is gluten-intolerant. What are my next steps and what do I need to know? A: Knowing exactly which type of gluten intolerance your child has is very important. Talk with your pediatrician to further … [More...]

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Ask the Experts: Medicine of Massage

Q: [Parents] I am looking for a total mind and body makeover, and have never tried massage therapy. What can I expect? A: In my practice, the two most common reasons that people seek massage therapy is because they are experiencing pain and … [More...]

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Ask the Experts: Choosing Guardianship

Q: [Family] How do I choose a guardian to raise my children in case anything happens to me? A: Choosing someone to raise your children if something happens to you is hard to even think about. However, naming guardians is a must. If you don’t … [More...]


Local Heroes

Tony Everett Talking Players Mid Range

Local Hero: Tony Everett

Founder of Pure Game Aliso Viejo In 2009, Tony Everett of Aliso Viejo founded the non-profit organization, Pure Game, a concept that combines an advanced style of sporting play with a character-building curriculum. This curriculum … [More...]


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Denise Lindsay: Mom’isms to Live By

An ode to my mother’s pearls of wisdom. I am a keeper of things. Not in a scary hoarder kind of way, but more like a what-if-I-need-it-some day way. My keepsakes are somewhat organized—boxes and bags neatly stacked, and drawers … [More...]

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Adrianne Grant: Chill Out on Fan Use

The scary truth of exhaust fans. How many of you use your non-continuous exhaust fans? Non-continuous exhaust fans are those fans that are above your stove or in your bathroom or your laundry room. We use these fans every day. … [More...]


In the Moment


Great American Field Trip Mid Range

The Great American Field Trip

JIll’s children pose with a real cannon from the Battlefield of Gettsyburg in Pennsylvania. How one OC mom took her kids and their schooling on the road. Remember the feeling of a field trip day at school? It was an exciting diversion from a routine day in … [More...]



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Openings: Disney Store

The Disney Store is the latest addition to hit the Brea Mall, showcasing new store design features, storytelling elements and the opportunity for guests to interact with their … [More...]

So Cal Boot Camp

Openings: So Cal Boot Camp

So Cal Boot Camp (SCBC) recently opened its newest location in Dana Point, neighboring its original San Clemente locale. This brand new, state-of-the-art fitness facility is … [More...]


Family Wellness

Mike and Carrie Felechner Thumbnail

Family Wellness: Prostate Cancer Primer

Who’s at risk, what are the symptoms and how to beat it. Prostate cancer is the number one cancer in America affecting men. In fact, according to the American Cancer Society, about one in seven men … [More...]


OC Woman

Ultherapy Mid Range

OC Woman: Chin Up, OC

The newest beauty craze that lifts and tones without lasers or knives. The search for the fountain of youth is a tale as old as time, and the business of … [More...]


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Parenting OC Events

Parenting OC's Jamboree panoramic photo of exibitors and guests

Jam-Packed Jamboree

POC’s annual Summer Opportunities Jamboree event was a big hit with 2,000 people in attendance. Last month, Parenting OC Magazine hosted our eighth annual Summer Opportunities Jamboree … [More...]